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Promoting a Culture of Prevention. Broadcasters from Guyana benefit from UNDRR – CBU Training Programme

Georgetown, Guyana (March 2, 2021):- The United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction Office (UNDRR) and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) conduct Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) training with broadcasters from Guyana and Suriname.

The training aims to improve the coverage of DRR themes, as well as improve linkages between disaster management and hydrometeorological agencies with broadcasters when covering disaster events and responses.

The media is a very important player in the DRM process and is the instrument that promotes reinforcement and provides consistent and proactive coverage of DRR topics. These roles strengthen a country’s Early Warning Systems (EWS), ultimately increase DRR awareness, save lives and is the mechanism that could encourage decision makers and the population as a whole to adopt a culture of disaster prevention.

The UNDRR – CBU Training Programme which commenced on March 2 will end on March 5, 2021. Overall, the programme targets over 100 organisations across the world.

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