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CBU Caribbean Media Hall Of Fame

The Caribbean Broadcasting Union is committed to preserving the history of broadcasting in the region; by honouring those who paved the way  and made their mark in the development and growth of the industry.

Gary Allen

Tony Becca

Shida Bolai

Hugh Cholmondeley

Photo Of Victor Torres Crespo

Victor Torres Crespo

Alva Clarke

Tony Cozier

Vic Fernandes

Ken Gordon

Terence “Terry” Holder

Harold Hoyte

Rafiq Khan

Stewart Krohn II

Dame Olga Lopes-Seale

Jones P. Madeira

Una Marson

Sir Trevor McDonald

Fritz Pengel

Raymond Smith

Lester Spaulding

Gordon "Butch" Stewart

Dwight Whylie

Rose Willock

CBU Caribbean Media Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

In line with the span of media formats eligible for full membership of the CBU, “media” for the purpose of the Caribbean Media Hall of Fame shall include:

  • Television – free to air, subscription or other modality
  • Radio – free to air, subscription or other modality
  • Print media – newspapers, magazines or other formats, and
  • Digital media

Candidates eligible for induction into the Caribbean Media Hall of Fame shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Attainment of eminence through outstanding achievements accumulated over a period of twenty (20) years or more in at least three (3) of the following categories of service to Media:
    1. Presentation, Production, Engineering, Marketing or General Management at the national level. (Eminence attained in more than one of these fields shall be regarded as satisfying two of the requisite three (3) categories.)
    2. Any of the above at the regional level.
    3. Any of the above at the international level.
    4. Policy formulation, planning, research, writing or other form of expression contributing to the refinement of media thought and practice in the region.
    5. Advocacy in international and/or regional fora materially advancing the cause of Caribbean media.
    6. Support to media organisations in the region other than any officially associated with the candidate, through the sharing of resources, including professional expertise and experience.
    7. Community service which enhances the society at large while elevating the image of the media.
    8. Service in the development and operation of the CBU and/or other institutions committed to the fostering of regionalism through the media
  2. Be of Caribbean birth or nationality.
  3. Be perceived in their respective communities as persons of character and integrity and as suitable role models for young media practitioners and youth in general.
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