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CBU President's Award

2022 Recipient

Sally-Ann Wilson

Presented at the 53rd Annual General Assembly

Sally-Ann Wilson

Sally-Ann Wilson BA MPhil DBA [HC] was CEO of the Public Media Al­liance (PMA), the largest global association of public broadcasters, from 2010-2022. PMA provides support and advocacy for public media world­wide. Sally-Ann holds a degree in Development Studies and an MPhil in Cultural Ecology alongside an honorary Doctorate from the University of Bedfordshire, for services to international broadcasting.

Sally-Ann began her media career with BBC Radio [news and documenta­ry] prior to becoming a TV documentary Producer/Director. She produced numerous award winning documentaries and series for the BBC and in­dependent sector in the UK and USA, going on to become a broadcast ex­ecutive in a variety of management roles. In 2001 she set up WorldView, a documentary scheme providing seed funding and support for more than 500 international documentaries, including 3 Academy Award nominated films.

In 2010 she was appointed Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association. In 2014 she led the organisation through a pe­riod of transformation to become the globally focused Public Media Alli­ance. She writes and speaks passionately about the role of public media in society. Sally-Ann is also course founder of the master’s programme in Media and International Development at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK where she continues to teach.

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