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CBU Remembers Mrs Odette Campbell, Managing Director of GBN

Mrs. Odette Campbell, Managing Director of the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN)

The Caribbean media family remembers Mrs. Odette Campbell, Managing Director of the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) as a shining example of Caribbean media excellence.

Mrs. Campbell, died on May 2nd after a period of illness, at the age of 53.

In recalling her contribution to the region, CBU President Dr. Claire Grant noted her commitment to regional media, evidenced by her significant record as a producer and presenter of news and current affairs programmes for television and radio.

CBU Secretary General, Sonia Gill, recalled Mrs. Campbell’s leadership of the GBN as host of the 2015 CBU Assembly, as well as her active support for the governance of the organisation, even stepping in as a member of the Board of Directors for a short stint.

Condolences were shared from the Spanish Caribbean, by Mr. Victor Torres, member of the CBU Caribbean Media Hall Of Fame and Director with the Instituto Cubano de Radio y Television.  He said it had been an honour to know and work with Mrs. Campbell, including during the 2016 CBU Assembly in Havana.

Mr. Carlton Pickering, CEO of KCN TV in Anguilla recalled his many conversations with Ms. Campbell on programming and other media matters.  He said while she will be missed in person, her inspiration would be a part of her media legacy.

Mr. Sanka Price, CEO of the Barbadian national broadcaster CBC, recalled her personable and affable manner which had made her great company.

Mrs. Campbell was also remembered warmly by CBU Past President and former head of CCN Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs. Shida Bolai.  Mrs. Bolai had worked closely with Mrs. Campbell and was also a member of the GBN Board of Directors.  She noted that, true to form, Mrs. Campbell was not slowed down by her illness but continued giving oversight to the Grenadian broadcaster, even while receiving treatment.

Sister organisation, the Public Media Alliance, of which Mrs. Campbell had been Vice President, also paid tribute to her contribution internationally to the cause of public service media.  The current CEO Mr. Kristian Porter said she had approached her time on the PMA Board with enthusiasm and passion, and her absence will be a real loss.

The entire CBU family offers sincere condolences and support to the family, GBN colleagues and other dear ones of the late Mrs. Odette Campbell.

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