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CBU Congratulates VOB 92.9 FM For 40 Years Of Service

VOB 92.9 FM 40th Anniversary Logo

The Caribbean Broadcasting Union, CBU, hails VOB 92.9FM on attaining 40 years of service to Barbados, to the people of Barbados and indeed to people everywhere who seek news and information about things Barbadian.

For four decades now, VOB has been delighting listeners with news, information, discussion programmes, talk shows, music and more – through talented personalities, consummate professionals, dedicated employees and excellent support staff.

For that period VOB has also been a member of the CBU and has during that period always been served on our Board.  Several of yours have been inducted into the Caribbean Media Hall of Fame and some have been winners in the Caribbean Media Awards (CMA)

Not only has your station committed itself to training your staff, but you have participated with the CBU in training other media workers from across the region.

You have provided coverage of news and sports events for your primary listeners in Barbados but also shared that with others of us through the region.

You have served advertisers and sponsors well – giving them the best value for their money.

Your station has not just lasted for four decades, you have grown in the period with the things you do, from being an FM station on radio to being a global station, accessible on the internet as streaming media and with web content.  You have added social media participation. but have not lost the common touch of being on the street, in the streets and in people’s homes.

The high calibre of management you have employed over the years has served you well.  The talented and dedicated staff have served you tremendously well.

It is no surprise that VOB has dominated the airwaves in Barbados for such a long time.

On behalf of CBU members in more than 20 Caribbean countries, we congratulate you VOB 92.9FM on the excellence you have brought to broadcasting, to Barbados and to the Caribbean.  We wish you more than another 40 years of dedicated service to your community.

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