Mar 1, 2017 | News Releases

This week the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) says farewell to its retiring President, Mrs Shida Bolai, outgoing CEO of the Caribbean Communications Network in Trinidad and Tobago, and welcomes Mr. Gary Allen, CEO of the RJR-Gleaner Group in Jamaica to the post.

Above Retiring President, Mrs Shida Bolai

Above New President, Mr. Gary Allen


More than a decade of service

At its February 15 meeting, the Board of Directors recognized Mrs Bolai for her sterling service to the Union for over a decade and in particular the contributions made to its effective and efficient governance, as a Director, Vice President, and since 2013, as CBU President.


During Mrs Bolai’s tenure as Board Chair, the CBU conducted a review of its mission and objectives to better serve a dynamic and ever-changing media industry, expanding membership to include print and digital media and establishing term limits for key offices.


Mrs Bolai emphasized the development of indigenous programming with the establishment of the on-line programme sharing portal for Union members, CBU Media Share.  She also presided over preparation of key tools in the Union’s advocacy and sensitisation efforts: the Digital Transition Position Paper and the ITU-CBU E-Waste Study.  And during Mrs Bolai’s presidency the CBU collaborated with the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) on lobbying for broadcasters’ retention of UHF spectrum during the World Radio-Communication Conference of 2015.


With a continuing focus on capacity-building while Mrs Bolai was President, the CBU partnered with a number of international agencies including UNICEF, UNESCO, the OECS Commission, Compete Caribbean and the Public Media Alliance.  In 2015, the CBU also held its first ever simultaneous multi-theme workshops in Havana, Cuba in collaboration with the training arm of the Cuban national broadcaster, ICRT. As part of continuing efforts to cement international partnerships, in 2016 Mrs Bolai led a CBU team on a media operations study-tour of three cities in China.


CBU Board 2017

As of March 1, 2017 the Board of Directors is comprised of:

  1. Gary Allen – RJR-Gleaner Group – Jamaica – President
  2. Amalia Mai – Great Belize Productions – Vice President
  3. Odette Campbell – Grenada Broadcasting Network
  4. Carlos Camps – Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión
  5. Lennox Cornette – National Communications Network – Guyana
  6. Beulah Jonis – St. Maarten Cable Television
  7. Trevor Parker – Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Systems
  8. Anthony Shaw – Starcom Network – Barbados
  9. Diana Swann – Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas


Next CBU Assembly – August 2017

The next election of CBU directors will take place during the 48th Annual General Assembly in Nassau, the Bahamas from August 21 to 24, 2017.  The Local Organizing Committee is headed by Mrs Diana Swann, General Manager of the host broadcaster, the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas.