Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago’s The West Indies at War

Nov 13, 2015 | CBU Media Share Portal

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Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago’s The West Indies at War

New programming has been added to the CBU Media Share portal. The Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago (POTT) has just launched, “The West Indies at War” on the Parliament Channel.

The four-part documentary tells the little-known story of soldiers from the West Indies who fought and died in the First World War. Many of these valiant men were not allowed to enlist because of race and class biases. After many months of struggle and a steadily rising death toll of British soldiers on battlefields across the world, the men of the Caribbean were finally allowed into the fray. During the war, the West Indians of colour experienced discrimination at the hands of their white counterparts (some from the Caribbean) and were forced into menial labour roles. Upon their return to the Caribbean, the soldiers, led by Arthur Cipriani, Uriah Butler and Norman Manley, banded together and rallied the masses for the right to vote and appoint local men to the Legislative Councils.

Here’s a look at the trailer on POTT’s YouTube channel.

The series “The West Indies at War” premiered on November 11, Memorial Day. Episode 2 will have its first airing on the Parliament Channel on Saturday 21st November, Episode 3 on Saturday 28th November and Episode 4 on Saturday 2nd December, all beginning at 8:00 p.m. local time.

CBU members interested in airing the series should contact directly for information about the conditions for broadcast.