Sep 8, 2014 | News Releases

Dear colleagues:

The Cuban Institute of Radio and Television is pleased to invite executives, producers and specialists, in general, to the Radio and Television Convention Cuba 2014, International Radio and Television Fair and Exhibition. The event will intend to promote the exchange of ideas and views, the collaboration and marketing of TV products, technology and services. It will be held from October 19th to 24th, at the Havana International Conference Center, Cuba..

During the Convention, there will be audiovisual presentations, exhibitions, sales and free presentations, aimed at creating a common space of interest for marketing technologies and productions for radio and television.

Likewise, with the purpose of updating the knowledge of professionals from both media on the production process, a scientific program dedicated to the Influence of popular radio and television products in the formation of moral values and the defense of peace has been organized.

The analysis of this subject will tackle the massive and imitative nature, and the extensive consumption of soap operas, as well as the role of sport programs as an expression of the noble Olympic ideal and the notion that it’s at the stadium and not in the battlefield where nations should face each other. For this purpose, a series of workshops, master classes and other theoretical and practical activities will be held, among which there will be this year the Meeting of the Global Net of Stations and Channels in defense of Mankind, the International Workshop on Programming for Childhood and Adolescence and the Workshop of Young Radio and Television Creators.

Encouraging the participation of producers by promoting and rewarding the best works based on their ethic and esthetic values is another goal of this Convention, therefore we also invite you to participate in the Radio and Television Festivals, Program Contests and Public Good Spots, which award the prizes “Sonido paraVer” for RADIO and“Cubavisión” 2014 for TELEVISION. For the second time in Cuba, these events are international. The presence of a growing number of participants from different regions of the world in former events of radio and television in our country, guarantees that the Convention, dedicated this year to the YOUTH, will bean essential space which will contribute more and more to the dialogue among all those who join us in the search for new ways of making Public Radio and Television.


Mr. Danylo Sirio López


Cuban Institute of Radio and Television