Aug 29, 2014 | News

August 27, 2014

The President of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) Mrs. Shida Bolai today announced the names of member systems selected to receive bursaries from the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) to attend the feature event of the CBU calendar, the Annual General Assembly, which just took place from August 18 to 21, 2014 in Paramaribo, Suriname.

This support from the CBA marks a continuation of CBU’s partnership with its global partner in supporting dialogue on critical issues affecting electronic media in the region.

The three member systems selected to receive bursaries were the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (BCB), the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Barbados and National Communication Network (NCN) in Guyana. All three entities are members in good standing of both the CBA and the CBU, and have made significant contributions to regional media over the years.

A representative from each of the media houses was supported in attending the CBU’s 45th Annual General. That’s where media executives, policy-makers, industry product suppliers and content producers from the English, Dutch and Spanish-speaking Caribbean and beyond gathered to take stock of individual and collective progress, as well as offer insights into how the sector can move forward, in the face of current and looming challenges.

Top of the agenda was a forum on sports programming rights with participation from the holders of rights to high-demand sports events including the West Indies Cricket Board and DirectTV Caribbean.

Another AGA highlight was updates from the Caribbean broadcasters already making headway towards digital switch-over during the Digital Transition Forum co-hosted by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union.

Participants also had an opportunity to be brought up to date on recent developments in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and their implications for the broadcast sector.

The Assembly was also a platform for audio and video producers and suppliers of leading edge technology to exhibit their materials and products, during the exhibition and screening day.During the screening session, producers of programming aimed at Caribbean audiences at home and in the diaspora displayed their material and discussed possible distribution deals with the broadcast executives attending.

The Assembly also showcased the best of Caribbean radio and television in a broad spectrum of categories including news, features and commercials. The CBU Caribbean Broadcasting Awards ceremony, was transmitted around the region on Caribvision, from the historic Congreshal in central Paramaribo on Thursday, August 21.

The CBU’s forty-five (45) Full and Associate members include broadcasters in twenty-two (22) countries and territories of the English, Dutch and Spanish-speaking Caribbean. As an industry association, the Union focusses on capacity-building of media institutions and professionals; joint negotiation of rights for programming; and advocacy in regional and international forums on policy and technology issues.