GIS Trinidad joins the CBU

Feb 7, 2014 | News Releases

The GIS T&T is the state run entity responsible for communicating public interest content to the people of the twin-island republic, and operates a television service (TV 4) nationally.

It applied for membership of the grouping of regional broadcasters in order to develop additional networks for information capable of fostering a greater sense of identity and community among the peoples of the region.

CBU President Bolai said she looked forward to the contribution from the new member and welcomed GIS T&T into the regional broadcast fraternity.  Now that it has joined the CBU, GIS T&T has access to the suite of benefits available to members including: capacity-building of staff; joint negotiation of rights for programming; and advocacy in regional and international organisations.

The CBU presently has forty-two (42) Full and Associate members drawn from twenty-one (21) countries, including broadcasters in the English, Dutch and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

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